Film & TV Funding Award Winners 2019

All That Remains| Amanda Mustard (Winner)

AZ House | Anna Oliker (Second Prize)

AZ House | Anna Oliker

In a Jerusalem suburb, fifteen young American drug addicts, abandoned by their ultra Orthodox Jewish families, share both pain and great hope that Eric, another recovering addict, will save them from certain death. AZ House allows a rare glimpse into the lives of these young addicts during the most trying time of their lives, as they deal not only with recovery but with exile from the insular ultra Orthodox Jewish community in which they were raised. 

Director: Anna Oliker is a filmmaker from Jerusalem, Israel. AZ House is her first film. 

Judge Mandy Chang said: “What makes this film fascinating is the way that it takes an urgent global issue – the opioid epidemic – and views it through the lens of an often closed culture, the Orthodox Jewish community. The film, set in a volatile environment in Jerusalem and following a group of complex and troubled young men characters, has all the ingredients for an emotional and compelling film, full of twists and turns.” 


Director: Anna Oliker
Production Company: Heymann Brothers Films

All That Remains | Amanda Mustard

Amanda, a photojournalist, returns home to turn her investigative lens on the serial sexual abuse committed by her grandfather. Through the accounts of both perpetrator and his victims, she pursues a high-stakes journey to examine the systemic injustices and culture of silence in pursuit of truth and healing for her family.

Director: Amanda Mustard is an award-winning American photographer and journalist based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Judge Patrick Hurley said: “Amanda’s film deals with one of the most harrowing and perplexing of subjects from such a proximate position to a perpetrator, her grandfather. We found her director’s statement to be highly genuine and sincere.”

Director: Amanda Mustard