Meet The Whickers’ Film & TV Funding Award Finalists 2023

We are delighted to announce our 2023 Film & TV Funding Award finalists!

Take a look below at the five incredible projects in the running to win our coveted annual Funding Award.

The finalists were selected by our esteemed judging panel of documentary commissioners, international distributors and filmmakers. They will present their projects in front of the judges and a live audience at The Whickers Pitch on Sunday 18th June at Sheffield DocFest 2023. The winner will receive £100,000 towards the making of their film, and a runner-up will be awarded a £20,000 development fund.

Jane Ray, Artistic Director at The Whickers, said of this year’s finalists: “This year we have seen the highest number and greatest range of projects in our 8 year history. It has been an immense privilege to enter worlds that, in a 1000 lifetimes, we would otherwise have never known. There have been images that will stay with me for years, the eloquent hands of the last Gaucho of Patagonia, a newborn being hidden from the world under a black Chador, a determined duck covered in snow swimming the arctic, a nomad drawing his dreams in the sand. So many stories of peril and loss, love, rediscovery and wonder. However, inevitably our excitement turns to heartbreak as our judges have to whittle the longest of long lists to just 5 finalists. It is always hell, but what a result. We are proud of our remarkable 5 finalists. They transport us from Mexico to Georgia, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine and Spain with stories that challenge preconceptions, discover what has been lost, spark endless curiosity and make you laugh, even when you really feel you shouldn’t. We are grateful to everyone who applied to The Whickers and excited to witness the contrasting visions of these talented emerging directors at our pitch in June. I am also grateful it’s not me who has to choose a winner.”

The 30th edition of Sheffield DocFest runs from Wednesday 14th June to Monday 19th June 2023. Industry Passes and tickets are now available and can be purchased HERE.