Film & TV Funding Award Winners 2018

Mirror Mirror on the Wall | Sascha Schöberl

Disappearing Village | Megumi Inman (Second Prize)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A Chinese plastic surgeon and self-proclaimed artist seizes the spotlight for never-seen-before performances. This is a modern tale about vanity and self- glorification as well as an extreme investigation into humanity set against the backdrop of China today. 

Director: Sascha Schöberl is a German director and DP based in Beijing. He holds a degree in film making arts from the London Middlesex University. As DP he has worked for a wide variety of feature length documentaries. As a director, Mirror Mirror on the Wall is his feature length debut.

Judge Harriet Armston-Clarke said: “Mirror Mirror on the Wall really gets ‘under the skin’ of our beauty-obsessed world, putting selfie-culture on the operating table and calling into question the impact this is having on us all – both as individuals and society.


Director: Sascha Schöberl
Production Companies: DOCDAYS Productions GmbH (Germany), CNEX Foundation Limited (China)

Disappearing Village

A 300-year-old Japanese village is on the brink of extinction. But can sake, Japan’s national sacred drink, save it from disappearing forever? 

Director: Megumi Inman is a British-Japanese filmmaker with experience making documentaries for both UK and Japanese broadcasters including the BBC and NHK. 

Judge Harriet Armston-Clarke said:
“With a wry smile and through the prism of organic sake, Disappearing Village tells a truly universal tale of the changing face of the countryside and the battle between youth and their elders”.


Director: Megumi Inman
Production Company: Sweet Take Studios (UK)