The Podcast Pitch Winners

The Podcast Pitch is a joint initiative with Sheffield DocFest Festival which has now  moved into its second year. The Whickers are awarding a £5,000 production award to the winner and £2,000 to a runner up.

See the winners of this award below.

Rewriting the Narrative | Christina Hardinge (Winner 2024)

Rewriting the Narrative

Degenerate : Mathew Durai (Runner-up 2024)


2023 Winner

2023 Runner-up

Breathing Lyrical | Taqwa Sadiq

How strange that something we do constantly is the last thing we think about, until it threatens to stop. Breathing Lyrical is a six-part exploration of ‘breath’ and ‘breathing’ – what does this unifying constant of the human condition tell us about ourselves and the poetry of being alive? This series’ multi-disciplinary approach brings together art, science, culture and society, health and wellness, through powerful, compelling personal stories for broad, diverse audiences. The rhythmic nature of breathing is echoed in this podcast’s poetic tone, immersive aural landscape, and the intertwining of each episode’s story with a relevant poem. By foregrounding non-European poems, and augmenting them through enthralling, rich sound design, this series amplifies marginalised perspectives on timely, poignant stories relevant to all of us who breathe.

Taqwa Sadiq is a storyteller working across audio, film and art. Inspired by her BA Middle Eastern Studies, her practice aims to bridge people, languages, and cultures. Taqwa was selected for BBC AudioLab 2023, was awarded the Charles Parker Prize 2022 (Best Student Audio Feature), and previously hosted the Made at UCL podcast.

Time, Paper, Bone | Catherine Boulle & Bongani Kona

Time, Paper, Bone is a seven-part investigative podcast about the closure of a cold case – one of the thousands of state-inflicted deaths by South Africa’s apartheid government. The story is told through the eyes of two women, Nombulelo Booi and Madeleine Fullard, one black, one white, who are brought together in a common quest – to find the remains of Nombulelo’s father. Nombulelo was 16 when she saw her father, anti apartheid activist James Booi, being dragged into an armoured police vehicle, half-naked, in the early hours of the morning. More than half a century later, Madeleine, the head of an investigative unit that locates the remains of apartheid’s disappeared, teams up with Nombulelo to finally bring her father home to the burial he deserves.

Catherine Boulle and Bongani Kona are award-winning South African audio makers and researchers with a combined 14 years of experience telling stories in audio and on the page, including several pieces produced for Falling Tree that have aired on the BBC. In addition, Bongani – a widely published writer of fiction and non-fiction – is a lecturer and PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of the Western Cape, and the editor of Our Ghosts Were Once People: Stories on Death and Dying. Catherine is the creator of The ICA Podcast, featuring interviews with South African artists, and she was a finalist for Best New Artist at the 2021 Third Coast Awards for her story We dressed him all in white.

Degenerate | Matthew Durai

What happens when one has a genetic predisposition to forget? This series tells the multifaceted story of Alzheimer’s disease told through the lens of someone running towards a solution- because he has to.

Matt Durai is an award-winning producer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When Matt heard he was a finalist he said “I’m thrilled, I can’t wait to tell my team”.

Rewriting the Narrative | Christina Hardinge

What if you could rewrite the story of your own life? And get to know yourself in an entirely new way? Rewriting the narrative is a podcast that does exactly that.

Christina Hardingeis a Bristol based audio producer and multi-disciplinary artist working creatively in the field of documentary. She won the Third Coast award for Best New Artist 2023 and has produced audio features for BBC Radio 4, 3 and World Service.

Christine said on hearing the news, “I’m thrilled to be selected and excited to pitch this podcast which is the culmination of many years of research and development!”