New Whickers Bursary at Docedge Kolkata 2019

We’re very happy to announce that we will be awarding a brand new Whicker grant at this year’s Docedge Kolkata in India. The Whickers Docedge Bursary is worth £3,000, over 280,000 INR, and will be granted to a project elected for Docedge this March that best meets our criteria.

In a nutshell, we are looking for an emerging director with a real flair for innovative storytelling and an ability to shed unique light into a hitherto unknown or unseen world. It is envisaged that the money will be used by the winner to continue the good work of Docedge, namely to secure targeted, international expertise to help the film find its audience in the world.

On hearing the news President of Docedge Kolkata, Nilotpal Majumdar, said, “I am extremely happy for The Whickers’ support to filmmakers at Docedge 19. This will definitely help to develop the project more efficiently.

The Whickers’ Artistic Director Jane Ray said, “I have loved coming to Docedge Kolkata, but always leave a little sad knowing that some of the projects I come across do not have access to the same kind of development, training and distribution networks that are available where I come from in the UK. I hope this is a tiny step towards redressing the balance.

Stay tuned for this year’s bursary winner, to be announced at the Goethe Institute in Kolkata on 10th March 2019.