Software prizes for winners of Whicker’s World Audio Awards

The Whicker’s World Foundation is thrilled to announce the news that – in addition to the £4,000 prize for the winner of our Audio Award – the winner and runners up will receive industry-standard software prizes as well.

The winner of our Audio Award will be given a three-year license for Hindenburg Journalist PRO (For Mac/Windows), donated by Hindenburg Systems. They will also receive a Hindenburg Field Recorder App for iOS. As well as a £1,000 prize, the runner up will be given a two-year license for Journalist PRO and the Field Recorder App. The three remaining nominees will each receive one-year license for Journalist PRO as well.

Journalist PRO is an audio editing programme designed specifically for radio journalists. We tested out the software ourselves to give you an idea of what you could be winning.

We were pleasantly surprised with just how easy Journalist PRO is to use. Compared to popular audio editing software such as Adobe Audition or Audacity, Journalist PRO has a relatively straightforward multi-track system, split into different components: Speak (voiceover), Interview, Music and Ambience. More tracks can be added if needed and users can record directly onto the programme via their computer or external microphone.

Audio files are split into ‘Blocks’ with adjustable height and corners to alter volume levels and create fades. When importing tracks, the programme will automatically set and balance the levels to broadcast standards. Journalist PRO also features a Voice Profiler tool; an equaliser that allows you to set a more consistent ‘sound’ for your recordings, meaning that your ‘on air’ sound can be replicated in your radio packages.

Another useful tool is the Call Recorder, which can link to Skype when recording telephone interviews. The software allows you to publish radio packages in multiple file formats and locations to suit the formats of different broadcasters.

Having tested it, it’s clear that Journalist PRO is designed with radio journalists and podcasters in mind. The software is a great tool for aspiring and professional broadcasters alike, and we are very excited to be able to offer it to our Audio Award winners.

Check out details about our Audio Award and Hindenburg’s Journalist PRO software.