Orbis Eye Charity

Support for Orbis Eye Charity

The primary function of the Whicker’s World Foundation is to empower the next generation of documentary makers with a vision for an authored story through grant aid via The Whickers. However, we are also about ‘vision’ in the literal sense. Having spent a lifetime reporting around the world, Alan was very aware of his own good fortune. Being a very visual person, he wanted some part of his legacy to be spent alleviating eye problems in areas where health care was beyond the reach of the poorest and least accessible communities.

Orbis International, a charity operating in Uttar Pradesh, India, with their outreach programmes and pioneering approach to eye care proved to be the perfect partner for the Whicker’s World Foundation to achieve his wishes.

Identified early, 80% of paediatric blindness is avoidable – a simple operation changes not just one life, but a family, and a village, a simple operation can even change an economy.

The Vision Van, equipped and financed by WWF, takes eye examination into schools and villages in rural areas where problems are identified and action taken. Supplying the right glasses can ensure that a child ‘s life is transformed while serious cases requiring surgery are referred to the splendidly equipped CL Gupta Eye Institute in Moradabad.