Whickers Winners

Whicker Winners’ Audio Documentary Showcase!

Join us at London’s Fitzrovia Chapel on Tuesday 23 January for the premiere of our inaugural Radio & Audio Funding Award winners 2017. After you have heard Sounds Inside and a fifteen-minute extract from A New Normal: Sidra’s Diary, there will be a Q&A with audio producers Tom Glasser and Jodie Taylor, chaired by Whicker’s Artistic Director, Jane Ray.

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The line-up:

A New Normal: Sidra’s Diary | Jodie Taylor
Fifteen-year-old Sidra Yussef is a romantic and a big dreamer. She dedicates hours to imagining her future life: as an astronomer who lives in a cottage on a hill with her husband, her driving an old car and he a motorbike. Growing up in Damascus as a Circassian – a minority ethnic group in Syria – Sidra already felt different. But with the advent of war, she and her family found themselves moving through three countries, four cultures, six languages, and twelve schools. Today, while she grapples with the normal complications of teenage life, Sidra is also trying to figure out a very fractured sense of identity – and for the last year she has been keeping an audio diary.

Jodie Taylor is a documentary producer for both film and audio. Her audio documentaries have been placed on Radio 4, CBC, ABC, Snap Judgement and Unfictional. She is the series producer of A New Normal and also produces The Sixth Wall, a podcast where documentary characters interview their filmmakers. 

Sounds Inside | Tom Glasser
In prison for the first time, many inmates are surprised to discover that they are not only cut off from the day-to-day business of the outside world, but also transported to an alien soundscape. In the company of former prisoner Carl Cattermole, this programme will take the listener into a never-before-broadcast acoustic world. Hearing the slamming of metal doors to the silence of the harsh Dickensian architecture, Sounds Inside will spend 24 hours inside HMP Brixton prison. We will learn from inmates how the unique soundscape affects their psychology and experience the unexpected poetry of the aural architecture.

Tom Glasser is an award-winning freelance producer who divides his time between the National Prison Radio, the BBC, and Overtone Productions. After winning a Charles Parker Prize for a short feature produced in his Radio MA at Goldsmiths, Tom went on to win a place in Radio 4’s Sound Trainee Scheme. He has recently won his first Radio 4 documentary commission with Overtone, for a piece focusing on the emotion of humiliation and its importance in today’s world.


Please arrive from 6pm for a prompt 6.30pm start.

Booking is required and names will be held on the door.